A Timeless Romance

A Timeless Romance

Julia and Edmund met at a dance. Their eyes locked before they ever spoke.

It hadn’t started like a typical love story. You’d think that once their eyes met- that would have been it- but not so at all.

As Edmund made his way across the dance floor to the beauty with the hazel eyes, he was stopped by a group that included his bother, Malcolm. They had come to get him because his father had taken ill and needed to leave immediately. As he was visiting the small Southern Ontario lakeside town from Alberta, he would need to get back to his aunt and uncle’s home to pack the car for the long drive back.He and Malcom had gotten jobs for the summer working for their uncle at the local lumber mill, but his mother would need them now.

With a quick glance across the room, he sought her eyes and with a nod, turned towards the door and left.

This could have been the end of the story: but it wasn’t.

Julia was a small town girl, only ever once travelling to the large city of Toronto once in her life. She loved the energy and constant hum there, in comparison with the rhythmic waves she heard outside her window every day.

She didn’t know that his voice would sing her to sleep for over 60 years, until they sang her to sleep on her final night of life.She was forever grateful for that voice. He didn’t know that she was the one whose eyes he’d be searching for in a crowd for the rest of his life- even once she had passed.

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